Carpet and upholstery cleaning prices

Our prices for carpet and upholstery cleaning are displayed here for your information. Please phone us for further details.

Carpet cleaning prices domestic (individual)

Living room*                                               £40.00

Dining room                                                £30.00

Hallway                                                        £10.00

Bedroom (may depend on size)           £20.00

Kitchen                                                         £20.00

Bathroom                                                     £10.00

Stairs per flight                                          £30.00

Rugs*                                                              £30.00

((*price may vary dependant on size  )

 Carpet cleaning prices (house packages)

1 bedroom flat                                              £80.00

2 bedroom flat                                             £90.00

2 bedroom house                                         £110.00

3 bedroom house                                         £130.00

4 bedroom house                                        £150.00

Please ring for our prices of Fabric Protection. 

 Sofa cleaning prices

1x Chair                                                                 £20.00

1x Two Seat Sofa                                                £40.00

1x Three Seat Sofa                                             £50.00

3 Piece Suite                                                        £100.00


Minimum callout charge of £40.00. Please ring for our prices of Fabric Protection.

Our carpet cleaning rates are very competitive and we are very proud to offer you the best possible service at the lowest cost. All prices include VAT. Please call for commercial prices.